December 19, 2014

Streamlining My Makeup Collection and Storage

In an attempt to live my life with more intention and only having things I love and use regularly, I decided that my makeup collection needed to be cleaned up and streamlined. I still had lip products from high school and blushes that don't even give off color anymore (is that possible?)...anyways, a revamp was needed in order to create a minimal makeup look and collection.

The plus side to parting with some beloved products is that now I can buy quality products that I will actually use and use up. Here is what I have determined as my essentials and where I store them:

F A C E / C H E E K S
I have pretty clear skin to begin with, so my main concerns when making up my face is my dark under eyes--blame it on the late-night Scandal binge-watching. I use a BB cream and under eye concealer to create a clean base, then finish with a powder. For cheeks, I just use a pink blush, bronzer and a highlighter. I'm not too big into heavy contouring and like to keep the cheeks looking natural since it's the easiest place to go overboard.

E Y E S /  B R O W S
I received two Urban Decay palettes as gifts, so I'm set on eyeshadow for life. I've been pretty good at resisting the urge to buy any more shadows, but I will probably buy another if one in my palette runs out. I have thick brows so filling them in isn't an issue for me, but to keep them streamlined, I use a brow gel to give them an even color and to stay in place.

Confession: I have a lipstick addiction. They just make me so happy and satisfied...but I don't think I have ever used one up showing that I need to rethink my collection. I had a hard choice to make, but I kept my collection to one of each color and got rid of things I didn't use, which, sadly, was more than a few.

My makeup collection is stored in these acrylic drawers from the infamous Muji and I absolutely love them. The flat, shiny acrylic is clean and sharp and allows me to see what is inside each drawer. I do want to get another drawer set to fit my larger bottles like my poor BB cream that has to sit on the top, but this three-drawer set has served me perfectly for the past three years.

Do you have any makeup storage tips?

December 15, 2014

Splurge or Save: Jeweled Pumps

If you're a big fan of the show Sex & the City, you might recognize the Manolo Blahnik heels above as the shoe that Ms. Bradshaw was proposed with--hers in a navy blue. Luckily the save option is very reminiscent of the original at a price point that doesn't make me cry. The classic Audrey Brooke nude pumps are jazzed up with a sparkly brooch, perfect to pair with a little black dress or I would also even pair with a sequin skirt and silky blouse outfit for the holidays.

December 13, 2014

Weekly/Long Overdue Rewind

{Seeing my dog is always the highlight of my trip home...and after seeing my family of course}

{I love smelling the Christmas trees as I pass by}

{Seeing a live basketball game was so much fun and so different than watching on TV}

{Hibiscus and Salted Caramel donuts from Dough}

{Festive Fifth Avenue}

{I don't really recommend getting food here, but the desserts are necessary}

These past couple of weeks have been a growing holiday spirit and also holiday stress. Confession: I have not bought a single present yet...and Christmas is in 12 days! I actually don't think I've ever bought Christmas presents earlier than the week before, so panic hasn't really set in yet. Living in New York at this time is always my favorite. Of course, it's a bundle of mixed emotions because the strain of school work/end of the year planning, but I love the opportunity to get a new start and all of the beautiful decorations and warm feelings.


I have mixed feelings about Instagram--but mostly, I love it. One of my favorite 'grammers @amy_stone gave her Instagram tips to The Glitter Guide.

A much needed guide on how to be more motivated.

I remember reading/watching WhoWhatWear forever so it was cool to read about the business side of the operation.

So AdWeek just said that this infamous KimYe Vogue cover was the most popular magazine cover of the year and I loved reading about Anna Wintour's professional comments about it.

This is a new blog to me, but I really liked this post about why she doesn't blog professionally.

One of my new goals is to embrace a more minimal lifestyle or (at the least) a more minimalistic style and this minimal blog and post about revamping your wardrobe is super helpful.

December 9, 2014

Gift Guide 2014: Stocking Stuffers (Under $20!)

1. I love sleeping with a sleep mask and this soft one is travel-friendly! {$18.50}

2. Candles are a necessity for the winter and I love the Bath and Body Works ones because they are long-lasting with a great variety of scents. {$22.50}

3. Anyone could always use another pair of cozy socks. {$18.50}

4. I just got this iPhone case and I love the super cool marble look and simplicity. {$19.99}

5. Starbucks gift cards are great because you can put any amount in it and the receivers can continue to get Starbucks stars after the gift is used! {$5-$20}

6. For the traveler, this makeup bag is cute and large enough to carry the necessities. {$9.90}

7. These gel pens from Muji are some my favorite writing utensils. {$1.50 each}

8. The Rifle Paper Co. obsession continues. How adorable are these notebooks? {$14}

9. This faux-horn tray is perfect for jewelry or a place to keep everyday essentials like your phone, keys, etc. {$19.50}

10. BaubleBar has beautiful good quality jewelry at a great price, but in these weeks preceding Christmas, there have been some amazing items being discounted for a limited time like this cuff. {$15}

11. The holidays are a great time to stock up on nail polish gift sets in festive colors. {$15}

12. I love sticky notes. I feel like no one can have too many, especially organized Type A's. {$3.75}

13. For the baker, these poinsettia potholders are the perfect holiday addition to their kitchen, but can also work year-round. {$12}

14. I bought these gold monogrammed mugs as gifts last Christmas and the regret of not getting myself one lasted all glad they are back! {$10}

November 29, 2014

Gift Guide 2014: For Him

1. No guy can go without a classic leather strap watch. {$360}

2. In my experience, guys don't buy themselves nice products, but with this skincare set, everything they need is in one just-for-men collection--travel-size and full-size products included! {$59}

3. This shaving subscription service sends a a refill for your blade of choice each month along with some of their own product samples. My boyfriend loves their Shave Butter and claims the $1 razors are the best he has ever tried. (P.S. they work great for me too!) {$1-$9 per month}

4. For the guy who loves Apple products, go for an iPad mini. It's not too cumbersome to carry around and still has a great screen. {$399}

5. I saw this glass coffeemaker in Interstellar being used as a water carafe, but it is also an easy and classy way for him to make coffee for himself and guests. {$39}

6. What is it with guys that they never replace old boxers? This festive pair is sure to be a new favorite. {$22}

7. Get him tickets of any kind! To a sports game, a food tour, trapeze class...anything that will give him a memory to treasure forever.

8. Every guy needs a fair isle sweater for the holiday season and polar vortexes. {$118}

9. A great gaming console for hard core and occasional gamers. {$399}

10. Activity bands are a great gift for anyone who wants to achieve a New Years resolution or just likes to track their fitness. {$99}

11. A great quality and classic boot that is easy to match with anything. {$424}

12. Everlane is a great brand with great purpose but also great products. Their backpacks are sturdy enough for an adventure and stylish enough for everyday use. {$65}

13. These noise-canceling headphones will give dad a nice respite from life. {$270}

14. I love these flannel robes--they're very holiday-appropriate and super warm at the same time. {$60}